The Invisible Bike Helmet

The Hövding

Helmets divide cyclists: some won’t ride without one, others wouldn’t be seen dead in one. While the jury is out over their effectiveness, pretty much everyone agrees that your average helmet is neither a thing of beauty nor practicality. Aside from the risk of “helmet hair”, they tend to be awkward to stow away or carry off the bike.

Hövding is an airbag cycle helmet, providing the best shock absorption in the world. The airbag also protects more of the cyclist´s head compared to traditional helmets.


Behind the product lie seven years of development, in partnership with experts on cycling head injuries, airbag technology, mathematics and crash tests.

Will it pop?

The Hövding Invisible Bike Helmet is worn like a scarf or snood, with a folded up inflatable helmet inside. In-built motion sensors are programmed to detect movements specific to crash scenarios, and in the event of a crash a gas inflator spirits the airbag over the wearer’s head like a hood, in 0.1 seconds. It was tested with crash test dummies.

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Credit : The Guardian

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