Scrap Metal to Sculpture by John Lopez


Today I found for you an amazing artwork by John Lopez. I’m very happy to see more and more of people coming with great ways to turn the waste into something meaningful. We produce a really shocking amount of trash and it will remain here after us for centuries. Let’s have a look at this talented American artist, John Lopez.

Sculptor John Lopez may be an understated ranch boy at heart but his sculptures are anything but. They are big, bold and magnificent, soaring high into the prairie skies of South Dakota where he was born, raised and still resides.

After starting out sculpting in bronze, John soon discovered the appeal of scrap metal which he re-purposes from ranches and uses to create, in the main, ginormous, powerful beasts from buffalo to bison, horses and rhinos. The Friesian horse featured at the top was created from the leftover remains of a valuable collection of John Deere tractors that were burnt in a fire.

The success of his work even led him to France in 2015 after being asked by luxury fashion brand Hermès to select items from their Parisian workshop to use in a new sculpture for a window display in Houston.


So how does a guy get from the prairies and welding workshops of South Dakota to a Hermès store in Paris? 

“It is hard for me to believe as well but the Paris thing was so much fun. I started doing this hybrid metal art style of work about ten years ago after my aunt Effie died. I did a really cool gate for her new cemetery and after doing the gate out of some of my uncle’s found objects I was hooked. Before doing the scrap iron works I did bronze sculpting for ten years.”


You can read a full interview with this interesting artist on the link below.

Interview: John Lopez | Sculpture Welded Art

Credit: Jane and hers whodhavethought blog