Unique Puzzled Wallet


This puzzled clutch is a unisex handy wallet with an original design. It is partly handstitched and it takes a long time to produce. It is not an ordinary clutch, it comes in many designs and variations and it can serve other purposes.

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The Sory Behind

This was my very first creation from the inner tubes. It was 2013 when I first time started to experiment with the material. Creating this piece is always very challenging.

Carefully selected pieces of the inner tubes are puzzled together in a special manner. I made this clutch to be spacious and there in no seam on the bottom, therefore it creates more space and holds everything you usually need to carry with you. Like your cell phone, money and coins, credit cards, passport or other docs can fit easily inside. Including lip balm and napkins.

Imagine the space it gives you.

This model is smart and simple. There is no pocket inside, coins are meant to be carried loose inside or in your pocket. Credit cards hold together three rubber bands. I found this way better than any other way how to carry your cards together. You have so many or at last I do.

It feels great in hand, the rubber is very smooth, almost silky to touch. It is durable and it holds the shape.

Size : 18,5 cm x 12,5 cm ish

Blue stripe decorates the outer face

Partly hand-stitched

Feel free to request custom bag for yourself. I will be more than happy to make something special for you.

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