Denim Beach Bag


Upcycled beach bag this time from a broken Levi’s jeans 501.

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Enjoy this new bucket bag, the great denim bag for the days on the beach or as a shopper while you shopping your healthy veggies on your local food market. It’s a great summer bag, travel bag or a good size overnight bag.

Size: Bucket bag – 47cm tall more or less, with a circular bottom in 35cm in diameter what creates 40cm more or less in width. Sort of like a tall regular bucket at your home 🙂

  • Levi’s Jeans 501
  • I have material for 2 only
  • Limited
  • Printed floral canvas lining inside
  • Bike inner tube handles
  • Can be washed in washing machine

About the creation:

This was a great challenge to deconstruct the jeans and put it all somehow together and give this trash a second life. There is always a lot of hand stitching involved and the time it takes is always more than I plan but it’s worth the result.

Because the rubber doesn’t like the sun and you should not take your Innervy bag to the beach I decided to make some sort shopper or a beach bag out of other material. Denim is one of my favorites. The material is just great. And there are plenty of broken jeans to upcycle 🙂