Coin Purse Dino Roomy


Handy little clutch for your coins. This coin case is great as a travel wallet when you need to separate your currency, or just simply divide the amount of your money you carry.

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The coins go in and out very easily and you find fast the coins you are looking for. My man loves this tiny purse. The closing system is done with long string and you can experiment the way you wrap it around, get creative!

You can hide something small inside as a little surprise if you are giving Dino as a gift.

Size : 10.5cm wide, 6.5cm deep pocket, 5 – 6cm tall when rolled up if it is half full

Each one is different
1 – minimal ( Michelin no design )
2 – with writing ( Michelin made in Italy or France )
3 – snake-ish skin – out of stock

All my products come with mysterious gift 🙂 Enjoy your shopping!


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