Great Artists Write

Great source of read is 99U. Today I picked for you one of their articles about writing. Enjoy today’s read, it’s a great article – worth to read.

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly.”

Out of all of the creative expressions known to humankind, writing intrinsically champions and improves creativity, critical thinking, and clarity. It helps us not only gain new ideas but also articulate them. It untangles the messiness in our lives and allows for clearer thinking.

The self-reflection enabled by writing elicits the kind of fear associated with sky diving or swimming with sharks. Sitting down to a blank page can be a stress-inducing experience for most—and we feel this before anything is even written; we feel it just thinking about the words that we have to own. However, there are endless creative benefits that will be forfeited if you don’t write.


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