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  • 7 Days Of Garbage

    The problem of waste is hard to ignore once it is in front of your face displayed like this. Californian photographer Gregg Segal raised awareness about plastic pollution really extraordinary way. Seven days of garbage project is shocking and these photos are an unforgettable reminder of the amount of waste a human collects in just seven […]

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  • Environmental Artist Patrick Dougherty

    Artwork by Patrick Dougherty is truly remarkable. I love to see the environmental artist getting more and more attention by the public. Artists who can produce sensational bodies of work using naturally occurring materials are my favorite ones. Patrick uses the tree saplings as a sculptural material. Starting with single trees, his work soon evolved to a […]

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  • Scrap Metal to Sculpture by John Lopez

      Today I found for you an amazing artwork by John Lopez. I’m very happy to see more and more of people coming with great ways to turn the waste into something meaningful. We produce a really shocking amount of trash and it will remain here after us for centuries. Let’s have a look at this talented […]

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  • The newspaper that becomes a plant

    In Japan, one of the most famous national dailies invented a one hundred percent sustainable newspaper. If You plant it, it will bloom! Japan once more demonstrates to be an advanced country. Its latest invention consists in a newspaper made of recycled and vegetable paper that you can plant after you’ve read it. It is […]

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  • Windy days in Denmark

    It’s windy in Denmark, which helps explain why Denmark is so skilled at capturing the power of the wind. The latest windy days in Denmark’s windfarms allowed the country to not only meet its domestic electricity demands but also to export the surplus energy to neighboring countries such as Germany, Norway and Sweden. The production of wind power […]

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  • Chernobyl Wildlife

    On April 26, 1986, the world saw the worst civilian nuclear disaster in history when Unit 4 of the nuclear power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine, was destroyed. The explosion and subsequent fire released radioactive material into the environment that lingers today. The Soviet government closed off a 30-kilometer area around the plant, and hundreds of [...] Continue Reading