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  • Cyrus Kabiru

    An extraordinary upcyced work from across the world. Cyrus Kabiru has actively been pushing the boundaries of conventional craftsmanship, sculpture, fashion, design, art and photography since 2011. Kabiru is a self-taught emerging Kenyan artist, best known for his elaborate and detailed sculptural spectacles or “C-Stunners”, made from found objects and recycled material sourced on the […]

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  • The Invisible Bike Helmet

    The Hövding Helmets divide cyclists: some won’t ride without one, others wouldn’t be seen dead in one. While the jury is out over their effectiveness, pretty much everyone agrees that your average helmet is neither a thing of beauty nor practicality. Aside from the risk of “helmet hair”, they tend to be awkward to stow […]

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  • Cool Foldable Strida Bike

    There’s plenty of new designs for folding bikes out there, but this one here is very cool. Triangular Bike Strida – designer Mark Sanders. Sanders’ idea for a folding bicycle came about in 1984 while completing his studies in the Imperial College’s Industrial Design Engineering program in London. His concept revolved around being able to […]

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  • Carma Project

    B-Bicycle Culture Magazine (B – Cultura da Bicicleta Magazine) in Portugal is running Project Carma, a project involving a bicycle made from the scrap of a car with the mission to make up for the kilometers it ran in its previous life. The initiative aims to relaunch the discussion about mobility and ecology in Lisbon. […]

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