7 Days Of Garbage

The problem of waste is hard to ignore once it is in front of your face displayed like this. Californian photographer Gregg Segal raised awareness about plastic pollution really extraordinary way. Seven days of garbage project is shocking and these photos are an unforgettable reminder of the amount of waste a human collects in just seven days. But also about what we value. Our garbage represents us!

Gregg photographed people of all ages and backgrounds in his garden in three different settings – water, beach, and forest, surrounded by a week’s worth of their rubbish. The subjects were asked to collect and store their rubbish for a week – including recyclables.

It isn’t news that we are swimming in our own trash. People are awfully blind and careless about the rubbish. It is so easy to ignore the garbage. Once it’s out of sight it’s gone! But it doesn’t just disappear. Living in this busy world full of demand is, of course, difficult and recycling is not a solution. But it is the choices we make. We choose where and what to buy, we choose the lifestyle we live. And only we can change it.

I highly admire the people who are going zero waste and inspire us that dealing with rubbish is really possible. Starting small is a key. The small changes create a domino effect and suddenly you find it easier and easier to reduce the amount of the products you are buying in plastic packaging. Once you are aware of the waste around yourself and the garbage you produce then you will move way beyond your selfish immediate needs. You will think about the consequences and you will make better choices.

No matter how small you start refusing, reducing, reusing, recycle and rot it will make a difference.

You don’t have to go zero waste, a paper is a hardly a problem here. Most of the paper decompose within 6-7 weeks, cardboard takes a bit longer and tetra pack within 5 years. I usually keep in mind “How long till it’s gone” and make my shopping choices based on this information. Don’t forget that you can shop online! 🙂

Here is a great stop to make trashisfortossers.com

Remember: There is no Planet B!

Your Hana

P.S. The web page of Gregg Segal doesn’t seem to work so here is a video I found about his 7 Days of Garbage project.
Enjoy and stay aware 🙂